Depression is only a choice when you know your OPTIONS

You can’t know if you have choices, If you don’t know you have options!
When I was going through chronic depression I wanted to die!!! It certainly didn’t feel like I had a choice. I felt miserable, empty and numb on the inside. It was certainly something that I didn’t feel like I could just get myself out of what I was going through at that moment.
I was stuck and truly did believe that my fate was sealed in despair. I was searching for a way out. I grew numb and didn’t know what living and being Presently Alive meant. Darkness became my habit place. I would sit in a fetal position in my room with the curtains closed all day. Contemplating my demise. If I was gone. No one would miss me.
Until one day I started to realize that I didn’t have to live in despair. I didn’t have to allow myself to go another Day without God’s peace. God’s love began to wrap around me like a blanket. I joined a church and started to hear uplifting words and MUSIC that really began to help out my walk with God. I started reading The Word of God. To pray and talk to God for myself. Surely the battles wasn’t over BUT around that time I began to realize that I did have a choice. I choice to embrace despair or a choice to embrace hope.

My Crown means Hope not Hopelessness
My Crown Reflections 💜

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Dealing with Judas ( A true testimony and lesson )

To know someone is conspiring against you can be so hurtful. But it’s more hurtful when it’s comes from those LEAST expected. It’s like every season I’m dealing with a Judas Iscariot.

I don’t want to deal with it. But I understand that even Christ had to go through it. And still love with humility.

Jesus extended His hand to Jesus. He even gave Judas gifts. But Judas still betrayed him. My God I feel like crying out from my soul. But I understand God wants me love Judas. Yes he is sneaking. Yes he is double tongue. Yes he is a self righteous liar. But God still says. I need you to love Judas. Let me deal with Judas. I will decide judgement. Your assignment is to love.

This is the wake of a teaching Lord willing soon. To help others deal with their Judas Iscariot. We must regain focus and reach our destiny. Reflections for the day will follow this topic as God leads.

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Peace of mind is on it’s way.

God is getting ready to bring liberation to your mind. For far too long we have carried around depression, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, hate, jealously, resentment and bitterness. Certain traumas of the past, hurtful memories, hurtful words spoken to us, failures, regrets, disappointments, failed relationships and so much more that overwhelms our mind.

God desires to free us from every torment of the mind. Your breakthrough and your miracle is coming with the fullness of God’s peace. You will have a mind of peace and not despair. Sometimes we miss the mark because we worry and despair about what we don’t have or what we could have in our life.

God is saying don’t look at the material things. Yes, I want to bless you with material things. BUT First, I rather for your soul to be blessed.what is the point of giving you the material things and dressing up the outside. To put on a beautiful canvas but deteriorating on the inside.

God wants to give you a peacful mind. BUT you have to trust God with all your issues and all your cares and all your desires. Give it to God. Let him bless you with his wonderful peace. Your Miracle is on the way!!! and it’s coming in the fullness of God’s peace. Amen 👑
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Can you ride out the storm ?


Reflection and Prophetic Word

I am reminded of a family. When a storm comes they pack supplies such as water, food, flashlight and a blanket. Then they go to a safe and secure place in their home and hide out there until the storm passes.

Are you waiting for a storm to pass in your life? Sometimes it can be overwhelming. But do you have the supplies to ride out your storm? Do you have have a safe and secure place?

Every storm is different. But God gives us strength to get through each storm when it arrives. First you must know what to do when you enter into a storm. Depending on the storm if it’s a hurricane or tornado you go in your basement or underground. If it’s a flood or tsunami you go to the roof or a mountain. You must be aware where to go when you are facing a storm.

That place is in God. Yes. GOD! You see God has a way of helping us WHEN we go through our storms. He supplies us with what we need. To ride out the storm. What do you need from God today? Is it strength? Is it Love? Is it Peace? Is it comfort? Is it wisdom? What exactly do you need from God to get through your storm? Do you know your supplier?

Our supplier is God. He gives us things such as peace, love, joy, comfront, confidence, strength and so much more ! But you have to go to God to receive it. He alone empowers us to face and go through our storm. So don’t run away. You can’t back down now !

Tell my people that I will be with them. They don’t need to be afraid of the storm. I am BIGGER than the storm. I sit above the storm. And I have placed you above the storm. It is not what you think. Look Again my child. And see that you are able to overcome. You are able to conquer the storm. But not on your own. You need my power, understanding wisdom to see pass the storm. The storm came to test and stretch your faith and to build character of humility. Now you are ready to go forth and exit the storm. Many more shall arise in your life time. But know that everytime you encounter a storm I will be the one to see you through the storm.

Believe that you are coming out wiser, better and stronger. Our storms teach us lessons. It builds our character and prepares us for the next storm.

Reflection Inspired by :
Psalms 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

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Reflection and Prophetic Word

I am learning to have faith and believe God for what He has spoken over my life. What is impossible for me to do on my own. Is possible with God seal of approval on it. What He has spoken will be fulfilled in my life. I just have to be obedient and have faith. But sometimes issues arise that questions God’s ability to carry out His plan for my life. This is where the fight begins.

The fight is the struggle to believe God even when everything and everyone is saying it can’t be done. But we must believe God even when it seems impossible. When your circumstances are screaming IT CAN’T BE DONE and you begin to find yourself at your wits end. And want to give up. And even curse or discredit God of His faithfulness. And you begin to say things like maybe you made a mistake. I’m not the one. I’m too broke. Too weak. With no connections or resources to make this vision happen. What happen to the vision? What happen to the dream? Clearly you chose the wrong one.

Nope. God says” Are you done yet ? Are you done whining and complaining. Are you paying attention to me or are you paying attention to your problems. Look to me to fulfill your hearts desire for ministry, for business for organizations for major movements to bring a impact change in the earth. Heaven is waiting. I am waiting. To see a people who will believe God no matter what is going on. ITS just a test. A milestone to where you are going. TRUST GOD. For you have no time to worry or to doubt. Time is winding up. You must make a choice to believe or not to believe. Say new words to yourself. It will happen. It shall happen. God will make it happen. He will bring it to pass. Remove the odd way of speaking and thinking. And STEP INTO FAITH. ”

Today’s Reflection is inspired by :

Luke 18:27

And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

Luke 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Mark 10:27

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

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Not everyone had a great childhood.

Not everyone had a super great childhood.

Some or most of those moments of our childhood is something we don’t want to remember. But today I embrace and I reflect on the innocent younger me. The one who laughed and didn’t care for tomorrow, unless it was Christmas or my Birthday. More than just Happy thoughts but moments in my life that I can look back and say I wonder what made me so innocent and happy back then. What took that away? Why did I allow it to go away? These thoughts dance in mind. Trying to find the answers. But one thing is sure for me…that In times of despair God has always shown me way of finding peace in Him. And I am reminded of that dancing, happy little girl I once was as a child.

Little me

Little me

                                       remember when you would

run and play.

You had not a care in the world

you would play with toys

jump up and down

say random things and laugh all the time

little me

I wish I can say

I grew up successful..

sorry that I let people take your smile.

you was so innocent…so happy…

Im so sorry if I let you down

I vow to be the best me

I vow to redeem the time that I have lost

little me